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BWA overcomes the limitations of BIA’s inaccurate technology and is the first medical device to check the body’s body moisture with the world’s first direct measurement and multi-frequency measurement that guarantees precision and reproducibility. Since its launch, the S10, the first-generation body moisture analyzer, has become the representative equipment for body moisture testing, with about 3,000 articles published in various medical fields such as medical, nutrition, sports, and obesity. Moisture Analyzer BWA 2.0 is released. In addition, BWA ON, a self-managing home body moisture analyzer, now supports edema and body fluid management along with BWA testing at home as well as in hospitals.

At WWW.BIA-BWA.COM, you can find a study on the use of body moisture analyzers in the medical field conducted by researchers around the world for the last 20 years, and about 3,000 BIA-related studies of about 10,000 papers published recently.

Verify the practical use cases of over 100 research indicators measured by BWA tests such as ECW Ratio, Phase Angel, FFM, PBF, SMI, etc., and see the unlimited potential of BWA in the medical field.First generation BWA, S10 recognized in the medical field.

First generation BWA, S10 recognized in the medical field

S10, which accurately measures the total body moisture of the human body, has been used in all medical fields such as renal medicine, cardiology, intensive care, and rehabilitation medicine. In particular, it is a feature that can be measured by lying down and can be moved to provide useful indicators that can be helpful in treating patients such as moisture (edema) evaluation, lean swelling, severity and nutritional assessment of ward patients.

● Evaluation of body water (ECW / TBW Analysis): setting target body weight, confirming diuretics and effects, and preventing complications in long-term management
● Vessel Problem Prediction and Monitoring (Segmental ECW / TBW Analysis)
● Phase Angle: An indicator that indicates the level of somatic cell mass, structural integrity, and physiological function.
● Skeletal Muscle Mass Index

Next Generation BWA, BWA 2.0

The next-generation BWA, BWA2.0, which was released to set a new standard for body water analysis, improved the accuracy of measurement by using the original S10 body branch (2MHz, 3MHz) and multi-reactance (5kHz, 50kHz, 250kHz). ), Multi-phase angle (5 kHz, 50 kHz, 250 kHz), per-phase phase angle, and measurement accuracy in severe edema patients.

In addition, based on 620,000 in-body big data, we provide age-specific graphs for each body composition item. Comprehensive analysis of items is possible by comparing the position of the measurer with the measured values ​​of the younger age group or the same age group.

In addition, the researchers provide a variety of options and references to enable accurate and systematic diagnosis such as a moisture control calculator that allows easy setting of the target body weight, a comprehensive analysis of body composition by site, and body composition results that can be checked at a glance. Provide useful metrics.

Self-management of body water, home BWA, BWA ON

Lymphedema, a common symptom in breast, gynecological, and prostate cancer patients after surgery, drugs, or radiation therapy, causes lymphatic fluids to circulate poorly and leaves swelling throughout the body. You need to manage your body’s moisture to avoid getting worse.

Body Water monitoring reduces the frequency of hospitalization in patients with heart failure and prevents the severity of patients with lymphedema.

For six months, a study was conducted to monitor clinical indicators such as body weight, blood pressure, and medication by using a mobile phone. The results showed that remote monitoring reduced the relative risk of worsening heart failure and death by 54%, and the length of hospital stay was also significantly lower in the remote monitoring group than in the control group.(Journal of Medical Internet Research)

In addition, studies confirming the correlation between home blood pressure and body water, biochemical indicators, renal and cardiac function in patients with peritoneal dialysis. , Among them, the highest correlation with body water.
(Advances in Peritoneal Dialysis, Vol. 31, 2015)

In the study of the early diagnosis and prevention of lymphedema in patients with breast cancer, the cumulative incidence of patients with lymphedema over 3 stages was 15.1% in the control group. You can see it decrease. (Breast Cancer Res Treat(2016))

As such, BWA ON enables the cumulative observation of the body’s moisture status in daily life, which can reduce the early diagnosis of water issues and the occurrence of emergencies. In addition, monitoring of diversified body moisture indicators (edema status, before and after changes, left and right differences) enables the management of patients’ individual lifestyle and integrated management to enhance the treatment effect.

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